"Our top priority is to get our workers home safe to their families..." - Roman Malone

Safety & Health Commitment

E. Cornell Malone Corp. (ECMC) is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees. Safety is our number one priority. Our goal of achieving compliance with OSHA statutory regulations, relating to employee health and safety, are met through cooperation and participation. This program will be reviewed at least annually to determine ECMC’s success in meeting our goals and objectives, and to insure deficiencies can be identified and the program revised.

  1. 1. This program is to serve as a guide in achieving:
    1. - Elimination of personal injury and property damage.
    2. - Establishing lines of communication, responsibilities, and accountability for safety.
    3. - Compliance with OSHA, state, local and client safety and health standards.
  1. 2. Maintenance of work areas based on safety can lead to better workmanship, production, and morale. This leads to growth for the Company and our employees.
  1. 3. Maintaining safety standards benefit everyone; creating a better environment for the company, its employees, and their families.
  1. 4. Supervisor and employees will be required to read this policy statement and abide by its contents and programs. Management, supervisors, and employees will make such a program successful.
  1. 5. Team work between management and employees and among the employees themselves is required in all safety and health matters.
  1. 6. Employee participation in safety awareness will be the backbone of this successful program. Employee participation will be encouraged in the development of all training programs.

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