MALONE ROOFING SERVICES: 100% Remote Estimating Capable

✅ Local, ✅ Licensed, ✅ Insured, ✅ Reputable, ✅100% Remote Capable, ✅"Zero" Personal Contact Prepared... We check all the boxes! Malone Roofing Services is re...

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HOVER Connect for Homeowners - How to capture after being invited to HOVER

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With HOVER Connect, you can capture photos of your house and receive a customizable 3D model of your house in return.

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Making An Insurance Claim When Roof Damage Happens

In this segment of WWL-TV's Great Day Louisiana, Malone marketing director Josh West discusses the steps for properly filing a roofing insurance claim. He also discusses a couple of insurance myths and storm related tips!

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Written By: Kris Louis

No matter if it’s your first time selling a home or your fifth, it’s not an easy process. It’s usually stressful and time consuming, as you have to constantly clean and stay prepared for last-minute drop-ins from potential buyers. When you have kids, it can significantly increase the stress and time spent cleaning. Fortunately, there are ways to get your home ready to sell that will make the process more manageable:

Talk with your kids.

One thing you can do that will help the entire selling and moving process go more smoothly is to talk to your kids. Most of the time, kids will not understand the need to uproot your lives, nor will they grasp the import...

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Malone Commercial Storm Video (30 seconds)

When a storm hits, Malone is there from claim to completion of your roof. More information can be found at or by calling 1-833-7-MALONE!

As Malone continues to do work in Claiborne County, the Claiborne County Courthouse is truly where it all started in that area. We are extremely grateful for the opportunities that Claiborne County has presented our company. Special thanks to Gloria Dotson and her team for helping us with this project. #TEAMMALONE #MALONEROOFING

Malone Spring TV 30-second Branding Ad

In the spring of 2019, Malone will begin to tell our story to a broader audience in all of our markets. This narrative is just the beginning of Malone's story. Generations of Malone's have proven there is nothing we can't accomplish. Malone protects people and your things that matter most!

ICYMI, This is Malone's new commercial that will start circulation this weekend digitally across all 9 markets and on Comcast/Xfinity TV in Jackson and Hattiesburg. ENJOY!

"The Crosstown Showdown" Jackson Academy - Jackson Prep

Crosstown Showdown will be a documentary detailing the uniqueness of the Jackson Academy and Jackson Prep Football Rivalry. JA and Prep is truly a neighborhood Rivalry! Lux Media, and cinematographer William Bristow partner with Malone Media and Friday Night Under the Lights to tell this engaging story.

This project was a Joy and an honor to work on. I am humbled and privileged that Malone, FNUTL and both schools allowed Lux Media and myself to tell their story. We hope you enjoy "Crosstown Showdown" - Josh West, Malone Roofing Media

When storms approach or strike, our thoughts and prayers are with the people and families that are escaping or are impacted, and the first responders that are mobilizing into the storm. It's times like these where we realize how fortunate we all are most of the time. But what about when it is our time to face the storm and it's aftermath head on? We will all need partners that can help us navigate the road to recovery. New Jerusalem was in need of a partner, and Malone was there for the journey... Who will you call when you really need a roofing expert? #COLUMBUS #TEAMMALONE #MALONEROOFING #MALONEMOBILIZED #MALONEMATTERS #ALEXANDRIAROOFER #BATONROUGEROOFER #BIRMINGHAMROOFER #HATTIESBURGROO...

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