LOUVER, SUNSHADES and Equipment Screens




Malone offers a full line of aluminum louver and sunshade systems to complete the building enclosure package. 



Extruded aluminum louvers and vents are used in applications that demand intake and exhaust ventilation with moderate protection from rain penetration and weather infiltration. we provide aluminum mechanical and architectural louvers in any size and any color. we also offer custom size louvers for any project.    


Solar shading products provide a method of reducing the amount of the sun’s heat transmitted into a building through windows. this can contribute to the thermal performance of the building by reducing energy consumption caused by air conditioning, allowing greater natural ventilation, while also limiting the direct solar radiation and still maintaining natural light levels.    


"The highest quality materials, delivered with expertise workmanship!" -Cornell Malone Founder/CEO

Malone Equipment Screens

Whether you are looking to enhance a building aesthetics, make an architectural statement, or install a plain facade on the back of an old warehouse to fulfill a city ordinance, Malone Equipment Screens can change the entire personality of the building.

Whatever your reason for rooftop screening, functional or decorative, don’t take a chance on the installation. Malone delivers the highest quality materials installed with expertise workmanship. With decades of experience, Malone prides itself on delivering what we promise. Every time! 

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