Malone prides itself on 24-7 emergency service and providing “claim to completion” handling of the insurance process after a storm. When a tornado ripped through Morton, Mississippi in 2019 and struck the Koch Foods Chicken Plant, our team was ready.

The Morton tornado struck the weekend of April 18, 2019. Our team was immediately contacted to respond to substantial damage to the facility. Our team of 15 members arrived to find units that had been ripped and rolled across the roof, pulled up decking, and opened holes in the roof. Our crew tied everything back together and dried in the roof with the emergency repair within 6 hours.

The next phase was the insurance process. The team was able to help Koch Foods get properly indemnified. In total, there were 12 sections of roof that were damaged. Koch Foods decided to focus on the four sections that were heavily damaged and not only replaced but upgraded those surfaces.

After the temp work and claims process, the re-roof project began. We will focus on 3 of the 4 surfaces. The largest roof, which houses the picking and evisceration line, was replaced with modified bitumen. The blast area and freezer roofs were replaced with TPO. The picking and evisceration roof contained rotten structure. The rot was evident in the joists and decking, even some purlins between the beams were rotten. The rotten decking, hot work equipment, and trip hazards all required the utmost caution and care throughout the project with almost 100 percent tie-off. Our company ended up replacing approximately 10,000 square feet of metal decking on the picking and evisceration roof which totaled 25,000 square feet. All of this was done while navigating all of the exhaust and H-VAC equipment on the roof. Then, the blast area and freezer area roofs were another challenge completely. The roof was 16-inches thick; it was comprised of two roofs, the roof was soaking wet, and “dead flat”. The roof contained a variety of low r-value insulation material. Our company installed a tapered ISO insulation with better r-values which Koch foods wanted. However, with limited roof access and many roof obstacles, our team was only able to tear off 200-300 feet of soaked, rotted material a day. All while staging 6 or more large piles of crane delivered insulation, layout where we could dry in the tapered ISO system concurrently with tear off. Amazingly, our team never let one drop of water in the building. This was one of the most challenging jobs our team will ever see. The project was completed in July, 2020. 

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