Aluminum composite panels can be installed in either a wet (with sealant at the joints) or dry application. These panels are ideal for custom module sizes and curved applications. ACM panels are formed by bonding two metal skins to a highly-engineered plastic core. Malone fabricates in house on many projects, but we also partners with top manufacturers as well. Depending on the design needs of the project, these panels can also be cement panels or have a wood finish. Although Aluminum remains the predominant skin material over the last 30 years, there are now new skin materials available. New Materials include zinc, copper, stainless steel, and titanium.

Aluminum Composite Panels (ACM) or Metal Composite Materials (MCM) are among the best the metal construction products industry has to offer for precision and consistency. ​ACM Sheets offer unparalleled flatness with no “oil canning” or wrinkling. Why? Because the skins are bonded to the core under tension, which produces a balanced panel. You may then enjoy a diverse array of finishes. ACM and MCM can be finished in almost any color, while zinc, copper and titanium panels are typically installed unfinished. Unfinished natural material panels allow them to achieve a unique weathered look over time. Furthermore, sharp angles are no problem for the panels which can be bent or curved more than nearly all other cladding systems.


Prior to ACM Panels there were solid plate aluminum panels which are still available today. Plate aluminum panels have a multitude of benefits which provide durability and design flexibility. Multiple options are available for plate aluminum panels including routed & returned or folded edges and welded and ground or open corners.

​Other additional benefits of plate aluminum panels include fabrication out of non-combustible materials. This allows them to be used freely throughout a building without having to worry about fire code concerns. Also the durability of plate aluminum panels make them ideal for areas like entry vestibules or areas close to the ground.


Malone 2000 Dry Set System

Rainscreen (dry joint) attachment system

· 2″ standard system depth·

 · 1/2″ typical joint width

· Can accommodate 6mm ACM as well as 3/4″ joints

· Rated for use in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ)

Malone 1000 Wet System 

Exposed sealant (wet seal) attachment system

· 2″ standard system depth

· 1/2″ typical joint width

· Can accommodate 6mm ACM as well as 3/4″ joints

· Rated for use in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ)

Malone Plate Aluminum Dry 3000

Rainscreen (dry joint) attachment system

· ​Routed & returned edges

· Open corners

· 2” standard system depth

· 1/2” typical joint width

Malone Plate Aluminum Wet 3500

Exposed sealant (wet seal) attachment system

· Folded edges

· Open corners

· 2″ standard system depth

· 1/2″ typical joint width

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